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One of the greatest truths we've never been taught (yet) is that our voice is a healing tool. Discover the simple ways to unlock your voice's healing potential today ~

Healing with Voice Benefits

A few of the simple yet powerful transformations you can expect from this course:

  • Boost your self-esteem and unlock long-held blocks in your self-expression

  • Experience the healing and therapeutic benefits of sound using your voice

  • Increase your self-awareness and better understand yourself and the people around you

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Right to the heart

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Matthew's music & teaching has spoken to me from the first second I heard one of his Insight Timer sessions. This course is simple, yet profound and goes right to the heart of things. I am yearning for more. I hope he continues and offers m...

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Matthew's music & teaching has spoken to me from the first second I heard one of his Insight Timer sessions. This course is simple, yet profound and goes right to the heart of things. I am yearning for more. I hope he continues and offers more. Thank you.

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Course curriculum

Each day you will learn about the fundamentals of sound healing and explore how developing an awareness of your voice as a sound healing tool can help release stress and tension, increase our energy levels, balance our moods and emotions, and help us to see the power of our words and vibration in influencing our perception of ourselves and our reality. We will cover all sorts of exciting and fun topics related to sound, frequency and vibration and explore sound healing instruments, mantra chanting, vocal toning, affirmations, chakra toning and explore sound’s influence in all aspects of our life. In just 10 days transform the energy and power in expressing your voice to become an awesome instrument of healing.

    1. Day 02 - Sound Healing with Voice - What is Sound Healing? - Matthew Duplessie

    2. Day 02 Class Reflections

    1. Day 03 - Sound Healing with Voice - Resonance, Entrainment & Intention - Matthew Duplessie

    2. Day 03 Class Reflections

    1. Day 04 - Sound Healing with Voice- How Sound Affects The Human Body & Mind - Matthew Duplessie

    2. Day 04 Class Reflections

    1. Day 05 - Sound Healing with Voice - Exploring Healing Sound Instruments - Matthew Duplessie

    2. Day 05 Class Reflections

    1. Day 06 - Sound Healing with Voice - Science of Mantra Chanting - Matthew Duplessie

    2. Day 06 Class Reflections

About this course

  • $47.00
  • Release stress and tension, deepen inner peace with Sound Meditations
  • Unlock powerful insights through practiced Lessons
  • 10 Days of Simple & Powerful Lessons

Course Testimonials

“Matthew, I love the course. It will be one of my go to when I need uplifting. Thank you thank you thank you for offering up such wisdom.”

Dobson, London, UK

“This is my favorite course and I replay it often. I am disabled and mostly bedridden. The sounds, and making them myself, add a whole new dimension to my days, since I discovered this course I keep coming back to where I feel the strongest connection with the resonance of the rest of the world.”

Lee, Boise, Idaho

“Dear Matthew, Thank you for this deep, simple, profound course. I feel hopeful and energized by your lessons in sound healing.”

Ann, International Student

“Hi Matthew, This is an amazing course. I have never toned before, and it was exciting to experience this throughout my body. Thank you for taking the time to educate us regarding sound and the benefits thereof.”

Pam, Johannesburg, South Africa

Meet Your Instructor

Sound Healing with Voice Course Creator

Matthew Duplessie

Sound Healing Musician & Educator

Matthew Jaidev Duplessie is a sound healer, musician and educator living in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. It is his life’s work to explore and share wisdom and experience about the power of sound, frequency, vibration, the healing ability of our human voice and the mysteries of our human energy body. Matthew specializes in voice work, vocal toning, and musical production. He has produced over 10 albums of music. He is available for individual and group sound healing sessions and is available for workshops and performances worldwide. Please visit his website to learn more, to download his powerful musical medicine and to schedule individual coaching or group events.

Unlock the healing power of your voice


"...People don't always know when they have made an impact. I want you to know that what I learned here has given me something that I will be able to use the rest of my life. I am deeply grateful..."

- Healing with Voice Student