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AudioSoul Healing - 528 Hz DNA Repair Solfeggio Music Activation - Transformation and Miracles (2023)

This piece of music has been inspired by the theme of Transformation & Miracles and has been embedded with an ancient solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz (Hertz).  According to sound healing research, this frequency has the ability to return Human DNA to its original perfect state.

Change is the only constant and when we are able to embrace this universal truth, we accelerate our ability to let go through acceptance of our present state.  And open ourselves to receiving the higher intelligence of the universe and to the inherent healing abilities of the body.

Knowing this we can see and believe that change is possible in any aspect of our life, health, wealth and relationships. Now is the time of great change for us as individuals and as a global collective.  Thank you for believing and receiving and enjoy the journey.

Namaste ~ Matthew

Deep Sleep - Sunset Meditation Music (2023)

This Deep Sleep Sunset Music Meditation is created to inspire a view of sunset at the ocean. Stare into the setting sunset as you watch the world and your worries melt around you. Intentionally created for relaxation, recharge, renewal, focus, zen, regeneration mindsets with beautiful sounds and cricket ambience.

Victory (2020)

Singer/Songwriter Original Album

Victory is the 11th album written, produced and performed by Matthew Duplessie.  This latest effort is his 'magnum-opus' - an offering rich in songwriting, acoustic guitar fingerpicking and arpeggios, rich vocal layers and harmonies, and deeply-felt soulful expressing.  This album was inspired as a dedication to the beloved and the power of love as healing medicine.

Mantra Music (2019)

Kundalini Chants & Yoga Music

Mantra Music is the compilation of over 5 years of gathered melodies, chants, mantras and compositions by Matthew Jaidev Duplessie.  These chants originate from many traditions, but many are from the Kundalini Yoga tradition in which Matthew has received formal training and education.  Throughout this 2 hour album, listen to mantras ranging from 5 minutes to 31 minutes and chant along to access deeper spaces of joy, presence and transcendence!

Energy Body DNA Drum Activation (2019)

Upbeat tribal music meditation

 This DNA Drum Activation triggers the energetic flow of our Energy Body in inspiration and movement. Allow Spirit to come alive with the energizing sounds of the wind wand, hand drums, rhythm, piano and layers of powerful tribal voices. This highly motivating music is a perfect companion to starting your day with upbeat energy through supporting a practice of movement, dance, stretching, yoga, or breathwork.

Energize (2018)

Music for Yoga, Movement, Exercise

Energize is a compilation of new and existing material that Matthew has composed for his AudioSoul Healing project to help listeners add more energy, movement and motivation to their day! Perfect for yoga, exercise or movement routines.

Relax (2018)

Music for Meditation, Rest & Recharge

This album is a compilation of musical tracks produced and designed to relax, calm, inspire peace, clarity of mind and bring restful, meditative energy into your life! These selections have been deliberately produced and chosen to bring about a sense of calm and well-being.

 Life is the balance of the two energies of action and rest. When we are feeling tired, burnt out, overwhelmed, stressed, spread too thin, or pulled into too many directions, we need to find more time to bring the energy of rest and relaxation into our lives to find balance! In need of more relaxation? This music is crafted especially for you!

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